Turnberry Kintyre

The Turnberry Kintyre golf course
Length6853 yards

The Kintyre is the second golf course of the renowned Turnberry Hotel and Golf resort. This is the revamped former 'Arran' course which was upgraded to championship standard with 11 entirely new holes. It was one of the Final Qualifying courses for the 2004 Open Championship at Royal Troon and the 2009 Open at the sister Ailsa course.

The Kintyre offers undulating greens and glorious fairways with stunning views of Kintyre, Arran, and the famous Turnberry Lighthouse.

Reviewed by a leading UK golf journalist as "an outstanding addition to the golfing links" the Kintyre golf course puts Turnberry in the enviable position of being one of the finest golfing destinations in Scotland. It is a great course to include as part of a golf break in south west Scotland.

Website - www.turnberry.co.uk

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